The history of Leeds: What every geek should know

It was a privilege to present at this week’s GeekUp Leeds on a topic close to my heart, the amazing industrial heritage of Leeds and why it should be an inspiration to those working in the technology sectors today.

Thanks to Deb and Rob for organising another great event, and to the GeekUp participants for putting up with me.

A few people asked for more info so I’ve put together some pages with my slides, notes and lots of links.

The history of Leeds: What every geek should know – part 1 starts here


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Product strategy and design leadership in web and mobile media. Before that I was a newspaper journalist and history student

5 thoughts on “The history of Leeds: What every geek should know”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks again for speaking at GeekUp – thought your talk was superb! Great write-up too!

    I meant to ask you how you put the images together for your slides, think they worked brilliantly for a 20/20!



  2. Thanks Deb! I’d like to be able to say I created the images with something cool like fuzzy felt, but atually it was Microsoft Powerpoint.
    Inspiration was from Chris Heathcote’s Abstract Pointillist Toolkit. If you’re ever short of a GeekUp talk I reckon you could just put Chris’ slides up and challenge anyone to improvise around them.

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