Good Engines

“Good Engines” is a 12-page black-and-white newspaper telling the tale of James Watt Junior and his feud with rival engine-maker Matthew Murray.

I printed it with Newspaper Club in a limited edition of 500 for distribution at TEDxLeeds 2010 and Interesting North. If you missed it then I have a small number of copies left. You can buy one here for whatever you think it’s worth.

As a special offer to celebrate the inspired choice of Matthew Murray for the brilliant Morganesque-designed 3 Ludo note, I’ll accept payment in Ludos. The price is the same – pay what you like, any quantity of Ludos. But you’ll have to pay me in person, at least until someone creates a secure online Ludo exchange. See you at TEDxLeeds 2012 :)

I’m selling the remaining copies through this blog. You can choose your own price, so long as you cover the postage and packing of £2 for UK orders or £7 for anywhere else in the world. Your copy will be dispatched using Royal Mail.

Read more about the process of writing and publishing the story in this blog post, or see more pictures of the newspaper on Flickr.

Good Engines is released under a Creative Commons Licence.

I’d love to know what you think of it – please comment below or email mattedgar at me63 dot com.


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