1794 version 2 is now online at

These are the slides and notes from my November 2009 talks at Barcamp Bradford and Ignite London

1794 heroes

  1. Meet the heroes
  2. Europe: A Prophecy
  3. Joseph Priestley
  4. Priestley and Thelwall
  5. Thelwall on trial
  6. Thelwall and Wollstonecraft
  7. Wollstonecraft and Desmoulins
  8. Desmoulins
  9. Desmoulins and Lavoisier
  10. Lavoisier and Coutelle
  11. The Battle of Fleurus
  12. Coutelle and Chappe
  13. The Chappe Telegraph
  14. Chappe and Watt
  15. Watt and Murray
  16. The map
  17. Lifetimes
  18. Key dates
  19. Reading
  20. Thanks

Ignite London video

… on Vimeo (Thanks Richard!)

A small story

Notes on turning the presentation into a tangible object.

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