Video: Five minutes on the pace of change

Presentation at Bettakultcha’s Hallowe’en event, the day the human population hit seven billion…

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2 thoughts on “Video: Five minutes on the pace of change

  1. Really enjoyed the presentation. As I went to click the link to “like” the video and found WordPress had forgotten who I am. After various failed attempts and a password paper trail I finally authenticated. And now after all that effort I am so frustrated I feel the need to write all this down as one click doesn’t cut it. How many people are internally screaming at screens around the world right now: “Why don’t you know who I am!”? The fragmentation of identity online is possibly a truer measure of the pace of change now than the transistor chip?

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the like and the comment. Of course I know who you are, even if WordPress doesn’t. And yes, username/password patterns definitely fall into the “not changing fast enough” category :)

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