Video: How to get ahead in business the Boulton and Watt way

Thanks to Bettakultcha and Media Squared, here’s a video of my Murray, Boulton and Watt presentation at the amazing Temple Works, Holbeck.

It’s a tale of green sand and subterfuge, of how one of the biggest names of the industrial revolution tried to stop a competitor in his tracks…

… also the slides are on Slideshare

… the original blogpost: How to get ahead in business the Boulton and Watt way

… and some context: 1794: A Small Story.

You can see more five-minute videos from my fellow-presenters on the Bettakultcha blog, and book your place for Bettakultcha 2 on Tuesday 27 April.

4 thoughts on “Video: How to get ahead in business the Boulton and Watt way

  1. As a great, great, great…..(l dont know how many) grand daughter of Matthew Boulton, its just as well l didnt attend this event lest l was lynched.
    Do you know the exact plot Watt + Boulton purchased in Holbeck?

  2. Hi Debi, we won’t hold it against you :) I’m still researching this story so will let you know if I find reference to the plot. Watt instructed a solicitor named Upton to purchase a 1.5 acre site off Water Lane, presumably where the HBOS office now stands. Not sure if they successfully acquired it all or for how long they held it.

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