Short weeknote: 3 to 5 April 2023

An internal office wall with the words "Design for everyone" and coloured posters in a row underneath
Digital accessibility lab taking shape in the new NHS England Leeds office

A short week because of the Easter bank holiday break, but I packed a lot into 3 working days.


In the Leeds office, a planning call for the week ahead on work toward our Product teams’ future operating model, an all staff call led by senior leaders to welcome colleagues from Health Education England, the third of the legacy arms length bodies that are joining together to create the new NHS England, and weekly calls on the work to accelerate the development of our national digital channels.

I also joined a demonstration of NHS Pathways, one of the products in my Digital Urgent and Emergency Care portfolio, to Mel, who has taken on the role of interim Chief Clinical Information Officer in the new merged organisation.


A day in London at the Canary Wharf office. I got my picture taken for a building pass and did a building induction so that I will be able to work there and host visitors more seamlessly in future.

I had an in-person catch-up with Jacqui, my deputy and clinical lead, followed by a 3-way conversation with Mandy, the associate director for the Digital UEC portfolio. It was good to spend 3 hours of uninterrupted time together talking about what our teams need from us as a leadership trio, and how we can help people navigate the next few months of organisation change.


Back in the Leeds office, I had a chance meeting with Leigh, who has championed the NHS’s approach to digital accessibility for several years now. I was pleased to hear that the accessibility lab is taking shape in the new Leeds hub, having been originally fitted out in the Bridgewater Place office just a few weeks before the March 2020 lockdown after which we left that building forever. When it’s all up and running, it’s going to be a great resource to check we’re meeting our NHS Constitution duty to make services that work for everyone.

A couple of focused sessions with colleagues about specific aspects of our organisation changes, and the team submitting business cases for funding in the new financial year.

I wrapped up the working week hoping that I hadn’t missed anything. Easter bank holiday weekend can be a busy time for services in urgent and emergency care. Thinking of those essential workers who are on duty while many of us take a few days off.

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