Weeknote: 21 to 25 November 2022

View across a road and a park, large trees either side. Through the gap in the middle, a row of terraced houses runs down a gentle slope. Behind the houses, the end of a rainbow against a grey sky
Sunday bike ride caught a break from the rain

What did I enjoy?

Getting back to some digital urgent and emergency care work after a few weeks mainly focused on our product directorate operating model. On Tuesday, I got out of the office to to learn about innovation at North West Ambulance Service. I’m always impressed by the NWAS digital team’s test and learn approach to solving practical problems for their frontline colleagues. Later in the week, I also had a call with the chair and CEO sponsor of the national ambulance digital leaders group, and discussed ways we can work together across national digital teams and ambulance trusts.

Most of my week was still spent on the operating model work, and I saw good progress there. I am grateful to senior leaders who have held open the space for us to approach the work in a way that we help us move to better ways of working.

What did I learn?

Being in the room when discussions are going on about our new merged organisation is giving me an insight into how everyone is reponding personally to the prospect of some old structures coming to an end, and the opportunity to collectively shape new ones. Often the most senior people in the merging organisations encounter these opportunities first, and the ways they react to them set the tone for how others in the new organisation get involved in the changes.

What was hard?

While we’re making progress on the new operating model, the time constraints mean that we’re having to rush through stages that merit more conversation, or time for people to reflect. We will have more opportunities to refine the operating model and explain the thinking behind any changes, but I’m acutely aware that we have not yet brought everyone with us.

What do I need to take care of?

Alongside delivering the changes in our operating model, I need to make sure I and my team are giving the urgent and emergency care system all the support we can at a busy time of year. I’ll be constantly asking, are we doing enough for the sector? And if we’re asking 111 or 999 providers to input to national initiatives, are we doing so in a way that respects their time and makes it as easy as possible to contribute?

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