Weeknote: 4 to 8 July 2022

Quite The Week™, as Dean would say.


Catch-ups with colleagues, and a discussion about how urgent and emergency care could be a case study for our new NHS Transformation Directorate operating model.


Proud to work for the NHS on its 74th birthday.

Proud of my own team and NHS Digital colleagues for a well-prepared steering group for our projects. We heard about work that is going live to our users, and new pieces of work starting up soon. Pauline had done a great job getting our risk register into a format where we could discuss it as a team.

Also proud to be part of the joint NHS/DHSC Digital Policy Unit with some awesome civil servants who sprang into action when we unexpectedly lost a Secretary of State and gained a new one on Tuesday evening.


Show and tell on regional clinical caseload management. Oliver, Imogen and our agency partners Snook have been skillfully unpicking a knotty problem, and listening to varying views about how to make 111 services better for patients.

Later in the day, I also spent time with Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association, where I’m a non-executive board member. That afternoon the housing minister resigned.


Senior management team meetings in the morning, followed by the “UCD as a profession in the NHS steering group” in the afternoon. We had a good conversation about the need, or otherwise, for a professional body covering our job families.

Then important news about the planned size of the new NHS England dropped into my mailbox. Later I tuned into a webinar where Amanda Pritchard, the NHS’s CEO, talked about the planned changes.

That was also the day that the Prime Minister announced he was stepping down.


Natalie led our team’s weekly retrospective, facilitating a conversation about what the NHS England news might mean for us. There were a couple more webinars with senior leaders, and I spent some time checking whether some of the things my directorate have in progress would be affected in the short term by the NHS England changes.

I spent the afternoon clearing the decks ahead of some leave. Don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’m definitely ready for a holiday.

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