8 reasons our service probably sucks

… or how smart, well-intentioned teams can fail at user-centred design…

  1. We have understood some of our users at the expense of the others.
  2. We have understood our users, but not what they’re trying to accomplish.
  3. We have understood our users and tasks, but not their contexts of use.
  4. We have involved our users, but only every now and then.
  5. We have learned many things, but done too little with the insights.
  6. We have come up with solutions, but not enough to find a good one.
  7. We have optimised one part of the experience, while ignoring the others.
  8. We have some, but not all, of the skills to finish the job.

Bonus ninth reason, with thanks to Vicky and Harry

  • We have burned out by the time the service is actually delivered.


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