What will you write to the future of England?

dearest england on the day.png

In 2014 the lovely people at Snook issued a simple, open invitation to the people of Scotland: write to the country’s future. In the words of the Dearest Scotland About page:

Regardless of which way the referendum result went, we’ve been encouraging visions that focus down the line. What might Scotland look like in the future? What do we actually think about our nation?  What might our landscape, education system and high streets look like in five, ten, twenty years’ time.

The idea caught fire. Hundreds of people wrote letters – many of them proper letters, on bits of paper with pens and everything. There was a Kickstarter campaign, a visit to the Scottish Parliament, a book that you can buy. Oh and they inspired Dearest India too.

A bit over a year ago, Lauren and Chris tried something similar for Dearest England. Maybe it was the timing, but let’s say the response was less than impressive. Which I think is a shame, England, because we have a lot to write about.

Like this…



And basically everything on this hashtag.

I asked Lauren if we could give Dearest England another push – some kind of minimal, digital-only intervention, just to test the waters and see if it’s worth investing further time and effort. Kindly, she said yes.

So today’s the day. This Friday, or if you can’t manage that, over the weekend, write a letter to the future of England.

  • Start your letter “Dearest England,”
  • Take a photo of it
  • Post it online with the hashtag #DearestEngland

That’s all there is to it. There are no other rules.

Please share! Please write! If we get lots of letters we’ll be looking for volunteers to take it further. If not, I’ll know it was not to be.

And just like that, against my better judgement, I have another side-project to fill a GGovJam-shaped hole.

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