Thanks, everyone! We just rocked the public sector

Still decompressing from an amazing 48 hours running Leeds GovJam 2015.

Stand-out moments for me (sorry if this is one of those “you had to be there” posts :)

  • Seeing a full house for the Tuesday evening kick-off
  • Ben Holliday’s powerful talk about doing user-centred design at DWP
  • Stick-figure voting to organise the project teams
  • Handing out new-style jam passports including 10 service design methods to try
  • Watching the space empty out on Wednesday morning as teams headed into Leeds to do their first round of user research
  • Sharon and Kathryn’s impromptu intervention to reinforce Doing Not Talking
  • Seeing the space transform on Wednesday afternoon as the prototypes took shape
  • Making global connections with new jams in Athens and Chelmsford
  • Seeing teams solve differences of opinion by making, testing and iteration
  • Watching project after project pop up on our global jam site
  • The purposeful but calm way all the teams approached the 3pm Thursday deadline
  • Seeing how much they all had done in just 48 hours
  • Having James Lewis and Tom Riordan of Leeds City Council visit our show and tell
  • Tidying up the space in record time thanks to everyone who stayed behind to help out

Thanks to all who made it happen.

We rocked the public sector!

Leeds GovJam

We’re going to write more about Leeds GovJam 2015 over the next week or so, but for now you can see all the projects on …

Leeds GovJam projects

… and take a look at Lisa’s lovely photos of the event

Photos by Lisa J Jeffery

People we need to thank:

  • Global GovJam organisers Adam, Markus and Natasche for making this amazing event happen around the world
  • Twin jammers at the Athens GovJam for sharing their progress through their first jam
  • Digital DWP for being the loveliest event sponsors imaginable
  • Ben Holliday for his inspirational talk on the opening night
  • Supporters UKGovCamp and SD Leeds
  • Hosts Kathryn and Paul at ODI-Leeds for keeping us fed and watered, and for the perfect jamming space
  • Councillor James Lewis and Leeds Council CEO Tom Riordan for joining our end-of-jam show and tell
  • All the jammers, including contingents from Leeds City Council, DWP and the rest of the World!

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