This more than that

Artefact cards

Inspired by Roo Reynolds’ post about technologies to focus on, I’ve been raiding my box of “things I mean to blog about some time” to work out what my own list would be. Less technology here, more attitudes to getting stuff done.

You know the deal – while I value the things on the right, I value the ones of the left more…

  • Service (singular) more than products (plural)
  • The minimum viable more than the grand projet
  • Humble historicism more than accelerationist exceptionalism
  • Execution more than ideation
  • Continuous improvement more than hit-and-run projects
  • Launching more than landing
  • Reflective iteration more than flashes of inspiration
  • Small stories more than big data
  • Variability more than scalability
  • Flood plains more than waterfalls
  • Agile more than PRINCE2
  • Opex more than capex
  • Teams more than resources
  • The training budget more than the R&D budget
  • The stationery cupboard more than the Intranet

What should I expand on? What did I miss?

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