We don’t want to change the world, we’re just waiting for a plate of chips

I held off writing up the Ignite London talks until now because I wanted to link to some of the great videos of the event now live on Vimeo.

It must always be a tough challenge to get the balance right, all the more so for our capital’s inaugural Ignite. I reckon the programme was spot on: the right mix of the challenging ideas and characteristic irreverence. None of TED’s West Coast cultishness here, just short talks fuelled by beer and chips.

Ignite London - Chips - by oreillygmt

If you have a few five minuteses to spare, you could do worse than watch these, my favourites…

… and finally my own meandering around 1794 – So Much To Answer For, of which more here and here.

Thanks to AmyDan, Andy, Richard and all the sponsors for making it happen.

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