Give me five minutes and I’ll give you a year – Ignite London, 18 November

Wow, I’m privileged to have been invited to appear alongside some amazing speakers at London’s first Ignite event on the evening of November 18.

If you were at the first ever British Ignite in Leeds in January, or any of the others around the world, you’ll know the deal:  20 slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds for five minutes – multiplied by dozens of speakers talking about technology, science, the arts and everything in-between.

The full London line-up includes:

  • Ben Hammersley, The Sex Lives of the Great Renaissance Masters: How the Old Masters and their Mistresses Changed Art
  • Craig Smith, The Upsides and Downsides of Standards (web, language and otherwise)
  • Katy Lindemann, What We Can All Learn from Children
  • John V Willshire, If Advertising is a Firework, Social Media is a Bonfire
  • Ashley Benigo, Italy as a Country Not Found

… and many others.

My own talk is “1794 – so much to answer for” wherein I shall tell the stories of as many of my personal 18th Century heroes as possible, based on the strange coincidence that all of them encountered life-changing (some life-ending) events in that single world-changing year.

Europe a Prophecy - William Blake, 1794

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may recall that I scribbled a map of this name some time ago. I’ve taken it off the blog for now. You can probably still find it somewhere in Google’s cache, but No Spoilers!

[Also, I don’t normally post directly about my dayjob on this, my personal, blog but am making an exception to mention that I’ll be on a panel at Informa’s Mobile User Experience conference, also in London on November 17 and 18 before I go over to Hammersmith for Ignite. If mobile user experience is your thing, this also has some very interesting speakers.]

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