Old / new media mash-up – first impressions

Here’s the proof (geddit?) that the worlds of inky fingers and fat thumbs can coexist.

Last week I purchased a 1.5 inch type-high zinc block of the QR code for this blog, http://matt.me63.com. I wanted to see what happens when the beautifully tactile letterpress of my boyhood meets the amazing multimedia mobiles that I work with now. The answer, it seems, is they get on just fine.

That this works is a tribute to the staying power of Daler-Rowney’s Water Soluble Block Printing Colour, which survived 10 years in the loft to produce a perfect print first time, and to the amazing resiliance of the 2d barcode format and my Nokia N82’s 5 megapixel camera, which coped with all but the blurriest of my impressions.

And just listen to the sound of the roller transferring ink to the block – gorgeous :)

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