20 things we did on our trip to Japan

Ghibli robot

  1. visited lots of temples
  2. shopped in the markets at the temple gates
  3. travelled by Shinkansen
  4. ate green KitKats
  5. trod a fine line between kawaii and genki
  6. got told off by a monk
  7. walked in our socks across squeeky floorboards
  8. frequently confronted the question of Theseus’ ship
  9. ate cherry blossom ice cream
  10. took an outdoor bath in hot spring water
  11. visited the valley of hell by cable car
  12. climbed aboard the cat bus
  13. made friends with electricity
  14. made a distress purchase of two umbrellas
  15. ate mcdonald’s only once
  16. played on the roof of the Children’s Castle
  17. Lost Darth Vader in an Asaka sandpit
  18. bought disney seaweed
  19. got our bags back at terminal five
  20. woke up at 2am feeling like it was 10 in the morning

Thanks to Edmund and Chika: our hosts, travel agents, tour guides and translators!

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