Dramatis Personae

  • Matthew Murray, engineer of Holbeck, Leeds
  • Mary Murray, his gun-toting wife
  • John Marshall, Leeds mill-owner and mentor of Murray
  • James Fenton and David Wood, Murray’s business partners
  • James Watt Senior, inventor, of Soho, Birmingham
  • James Watt Junior, his son
  • Gregory Watt and Matthew Robinson Boulton, their partners in Boulton, Watt and Sons
  • William Murdoch and Abraham Storey, Boulton and Watt’s loyal lieutenants
  • Dixon, Halligan, Hughes Senior and Junior, the disloyal workforce
  • Benjamin Gott, Leeds mill-owner and ally of Watt
  • Nicholson, Upton and Weston, lawyers

> The engine makers

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