Capturing the rainbow

Out shopping on an Autumn Saturday afternoon, a spectacular rainbow appeared over Islington. And on every street corner there was someone taking a picture with their cameraphone. A perfect example of how convergent technologies create brand new behaviours, as well as enhancing existing ones. Most of those people taking pictures probably didn't explicitly choose a … Continue reading Capturing the rainbow

I have seen the future and it folds

Ten years ago I worked in a declining industry. Regional newspaper readerships were aging, as papers struggled to connect with their communities. Staff cuts and inflexible new technology at the paper I worked on meant we had a 9:30am press deadline for some localised editions - which rather made a mockery of the word "Evening" … Continue reading I have seen the future and it folds

The private life of a digital camera

Flickr etiquette is a tricky thing. For starters I have to pigeonhole the tangled web of people-with-whom-I-share-photos into "family", "friends" and that wonderful catch-all "contacts" (maybe we should all be using a Cold War-style dead letter box in Regent's Park?) But that's nothing to the almost daily dilemma of how to share each photo I … Continue reading The private life of a digital camera