Someone sent me a link to Tacticalvoter.net. It seems like a fine idea if you live in one of the 150 seats they’re interested in, but it tells me I live in a “safe Labour seat”. The Tories held our constituency until 1997, and could get it back. Claiming it’s “safe” just fosters complacency.

Pants! A coffee table

Just got back from a weekend in London. We went to Mode where Lucy Tatum and John-Paul Melia were exhibiting. The table they made us looks great in the conservatory. Now I want Pants too, but I’m trying to cut back on my coffee table habit.


The Link Slam, The False-Falling-On-Ones-Sword, The Semantic Death Spiral – here’s how it’s done: Signature FoRK Debate Moves


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Help! i dream in PowerPoint


Hello. There is nothing here yet. [My first post. Now out of date, but left for completeness]