In the Granary Wharf cafe. Blogging goes underground



Evitarran – the backwards narrative created by reverse time-ordered posting. See ‘korw ot yenruoj ym’ below…


Blogging at my desk. Not nearly so much fun


Blogging in the lift


Blogging by the River Aire. Sun reflected on water. Asda House casts a shadow.


Blogging on the bus


We were driving back from Exeter on the M5 when the traffic suddenly slowed to a standstill. We were a few feet from a turn-off so I called 177 on my Orange phone for an RAC traffic update. It said ‘M5 northbound five miles of standing traffic. Avoid.’ So we turned off and took an A-road toward Bristol. We’d been on this road for a few miles when I saw a sign for Chapel Allerton 2 1/2 miles, which was unexpected because we come from Chapel Allerton in Leeds and were about 200 miles from home. Caroline said ‘can we go?’ so we turned down a country lane and followed the signs for Chapel Allerton, which turns out to be a quaint Somerset village (pop. 321 (1991 census figure, honest, though I know the 321 bit sounds made up)). We took photos standing in front of a parish council noticeboard on the village bus stop. Which was nice. Maps here.